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Contractor’s Internet System Guides Overview

Contractor's Guides: Internet Access Overview

  • The IrriGRAY Controller manages the entire graywater, rainwater & potable water irrigation process, whether or not the tablet is connected to the Internet.

  • When connected to the Internet (usually by wifi), IrriGRAY settings can be modified by any internet connected device such as smart phones, tablets and computers. 

  • An app is not required, because the web pages are responsive to your device. This means the display will automatically adjust to provide the best possible experience for your phone / tablet or computer. 

Contractor Access

If you are new to IrriGRAY, and are planning to install an IrriGRAY system on behalf of a customer, please contact Water ReNu first, and we will create a contractor account for your company. Once you have logged in as a contractor, you can then create an account for your Client.

As a contractor, you will be required to agree to and abide by the Privacy Policy of the IrriGRAY system. You will have access to private client information, such as address, contact details and system performance.

If an existing IrriGRAY client wishes to use your maintenance services, please have the client contact Water ReNu directly to authorize your access to the client account.

Clients with multiple installation locations and multiple contractors

IrriGRAY is designed for residential, multi-family and commercial applications.

While residential installations usually only involve the residential owner and perhaps a landscape maintenance contractor, commercial clients such as Hotel Laundries can have multiple locations, an additonal client site representative, and also individual landscape maintenance contractors for each site.

A landscape maintenance contractor may manage more than one installation location. 

The following diagram illustrates who is able to access and control individual installations:

  • The Owner / facilities manager of a group of installations can access all installations, as well as contact information for the Site Representative and Contractor

  • A Site Representative can only access their own site's installations, and contact information for the Contractor

  • A Contractor can only access site installations they have created or been assigned to, and contact information for the Site Representative for those installations.