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Privacy and Your Data

Privacy and Your Data

  • The IrriGRAY system & internet monitoring service collects and stores information about waste water generation, graywater re-use, rainwater collection and potable water use for irrigation purposes.  This information enables us to determine if your IrriGRAY system is experiencing technical or performance issues. 

  • In addition, when you set-up an account, we store contact information, such as email addresses, phone numbers and location details of your IrriGRAY system.  Privacy of Your data is extremely important to us, and we have implemented significant safeguards to preserve the security of your data.
  • We will not provide your data to any unauthorized third party unless required by law.  Only you, your authorized site representatives & contractors, and the Water ReNu Support team can access your data.  Contractors, such as plumbers, landscape installers and landscape maintenence service providers recommended by Water ReNu LLC are bound to the same privacy policy.  

Anonymized Information  

(Definition of anonymize, from the Cambridge English Dictionary: "to remove any information that shows which particular person something relates to: [We anonymize the data so researchers cannot identify any individual records][anonymized medical records] )

Water ReNu collates statistics about your and other's water use, and provides this in an anonymized method to Water Providers for the purposes of furthering adoption of graywater irrigation throughout our communities.  Information such as your system street address, contact details or other identifying information is not included in statistical information provided.  

Additonal Information Requested  

From time to time, Water ReNu may request demographic information related to the generation of graywater for your IrriGRAY system.  This information is used for reseach purposes, is voluntarily provided and anonymized prior to sharing any research results with third parties.

Actions You Should Take To Protect Your Own Information

We strongly recommend using different passwords for different Internet Services you use. No matter what level of security we employ, your information could be accessed if someone finds your password from another site.

Changes In the Privacy Policy

Any changes to the privacy policy will be published on this page.  Members will be notified of policy changes by email, with a link to this page.